Logger Sports

  Double Cross Cut

Using a cross cut saw, two contestants cut through an 20” Larch.

Dyrk cookie

Cookie Stack

Saw as many “cookies” (log rounds)

in a 12” designated area and stack them on a log

(using the bar of the chainsaw) in 90 seconds.

Speed Cut (Stock Saw)

With 1 cut, contestant must bore through paint

on both sides of the log.

Cut from the bottom of the log and then pull   out saw and cut from the top and match the cut.

Single Cross Cut

Saw an 20” Larch using a one person

cross cut saw.

Choker Race

Run over obstacles carrying a 20’ long,

3/4” choker, set it and return.

Accuracy Fall

Using a chainsaw, cut down a leaning tree.

First to hit the target wins.

If no one hits the target, then the closest,

(by measurement) wins.


Log Rolling (Burling)  Two contestants roll on the same log in the water, trying to get the other off balance.

  They cannot cross the center line on the log.

  A fall is the first person to hit the water.

  Two out of three falls wins.

Single Elimination Pole Climb 

Contestant starts with one foot on ground and one foot

spurred into log.

On “GO” contestant races to the top of the pole.  Time stops when they ring the bell or their rope crosses the line.

Steel core rope must be used and own climbing gear.

 pic-spring board-crowdSpring board Chop

On “GO” contestant sets their first & second    board using an axe to chop into a standing log.

When standing on their second board, contestant must chop a 10” vertical block.

Clock stops when the block hits the ground.

Jack and Jill Cross Cut  Using a cross cut saw 2 contestants a man and woman cut                                                                                      through a 20                                                                                    inch larch;


Speed Chop

Cut a 12” Cottonwood using an axe while standing on the log.

Hot Saw

Saw an 20” Larch using a souped up single cylinder chain saw.

pic-hot saw low angle