Kids Events

There are plenty of activities for kids, both on Friday night and on Saturday.

 The events listed below are FREE for the little “lumberjacks” to enter.

All children must have an adult guardian sign a release of liability before there name can be add to the event.

Friday’s registration is located on the south side of the main arena.

 Registration will start at 6 pm for the following events.

Friday Night Events

Kid’s Choker Race      kids choker race 2

  • 6 years and under
    7 years – 9 years of age
    10 years – 13 years of age

First 20 in each age class will get to race. 1st place through 4th wins!!!


  • 12 years – 14 years of age
    15 years – 18 years of age

  • First two teams of 6 in each age group. Max 800 lbs per a team. Please have your team together and register at the same time.Winning teams takes all!

Boxing over Water

  • 12 years -14 years of age- Winner takes all!
    Student 15 years – 18 years of age

  • Girls vs. Girls and Boys vs. Boys

Saturday’s events are located at “Grammy’s Corner” In loving memory of Carol Marie Bush. 

Saturday Events

  • Sign up for these events start at 11:00  at Grammys Corner
  • A parent or adult guardian must sign a release of liability form.
  • Due to the number of children at Logger Days we ask that children sign up for only 2 evetns

Events start at 12:00

Mini Skidder Racetricycle skidders

  • 2 years to 5 years 1st 20 entrants
  • 6 years – 8 years 1st 20 entrants

3 Legged Race                                                                                   3 legged race (2)

  • sign up in teams of 2  ( Teams race in the category of the oldest Child)
  •  2 years to 6 years  1st ten teams to sign up
  • 7 years and up  1st ten teams to sign up

Firewood Stacking

  • 7 years and older
  • sign up in teams of 3 members
  • Move stack of wood from one place to another

Tug-of-War                                           tug of war

  • 4 years – 6 years of age
  • 7 years – 9 years of age
  • 10 years – 12 years of age
  • Teams will be randomly chosen

Sponge Bob Hard Hat Toss

spongebob hardhat


Tomahawk Throw

Ages 8 and up first 20 entrants

Watermelon Eating Contest

  •  2 years to 5 years
    6 years to 8 years
    9  years and up
  •      everyone can play

Sawdust Pile

 Starts at 4:00

  • Two piles with silver dollars, plus many “goodies”
  • 2 years to 4 years old 1st pile for four minutes
    5 years to 7 years old 2nd pile for four minutes
  • Both piles will open to ages 2-12 years from one hour after above time.

Look for other activities for your little ones at Darby Logger Days.

kids games

DLD jumper

madison                                       clay