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Contestant Information

  • Dates : July 21 and 22  2017(Pro’s on Saturday)
  • Pre-Register by July 17th, 2017, please plan accordingly if using snail mail.
  • Sharing Equipment? PLEASE notify us with whom and what events by July 17th.  This will keep us from pulling our hair out the day of the show.
  • Accuracy Fall will be a lottery event, only 15 spots. No refunds if you’re not a lucky lottery winner, or if you miss your target.
  • No registration after 8:30 am the morning of July 22nd!
  • Rules and what not @ 9 am YOU must be there!!! Don’t forget about the parade that starts at 9 am and closes down HWY 93.
  • SAFETY: Only contestants are allowed in the contestant’s area.  All others must buy a button and sit in the general crowd area.

Registration Forms

 Entry Form 2017

Darby Entry Form 2017



Please submit your forms  or if you have any questions contact Erin at